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March 2021
30 x 36 x 12’6”
The “Toy Box”



Do you wish you had your own “Toy Box”?

Pole barns are not just for horses anymore! M & W Building Supply can build you your own personal storage unit. A Pole Building makes the perfect Toy Box, easy to install, economical, safe, maintenance free, easy to insulate and secure and safe for all of those valuable toys!

Just imagine having your own garage to work on your bike, car, model train or household projects. It’s a do-it-yourselfer’s dream to have a space for all the tools, toys, cars and room to work! Let M&W build a pole barn for you, designed by you for your needs. Our experienced professional crews can build this building for you in 4 days!

Need to save some money? Buy just the kit and build it yourself! We supply all of the pole barn materials, drawings, and an instruction booklet.

This “Toy Box” includes two 10x10 overhead doors, one steel entry door with steel frame and one 4x3 dual pane vinyl window. Site specific engineered plans, all 6x6 PT truss bearing poles, trusses, screws, bolts and nails needed to put it together. Metal building insulation under roof steel, 18” overhangs, and steel roofing & siding with a 40 year paint warranty!

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FEBRUARY 2021 SPECIAL 36 x 48 x 14


We are back with a special on our most popular shop/garage combo! This no-frills garage has enough room for all of your projects and storage! With summer just around the corner, it is never too early to think about those summer projects! A three car garage that will keep your cars and toys safe and dry for years to come with very little maintanance! M&W Building Supply uses only the highest quality materials so you “Get more bang for your buck!” Our experienced professional designers and builders will help you with your project from start to finish whether you are building it yourself or our crews are installing the building for you, you get what YOU want!


This month’s special is a 36’ wide by 48’ long and is 14’ high at the eave. It comes with Pressure treated truss bearing posts, trusses, MBI, nails, screws and bolts needed to put it together. This one is sheeted in steel with metal building insulation in the roof. (If you would like comp. roofing or wood siding, we can do that too!). It has one entry door and one 10x12 overhead door and two 10x10 overhead doors and enough room for all of your toys!

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36 x 36 x 12


This month’s special is for an AG use building that is SO versatile it can be used as a horse barn, feed storage, equipment shed etc! You get the idea! Make it anything you need! M&W Custom Pole buildings can be used for any type of structure you need! “Custom” is the key word in our business! Add a few stalls for your animals or install overhead doors and make it a garage! We can add, delete or change any option on any design to suit your needs! Just give us a call and describe what you would like in your building! This month’s 36x36x12 special includes Ag use drawings – (no engineering included) all the poles, bolts, screws, trusses, nails needed to build this M&W Pole Building. It has painted steel roofing and painted steel siding (with a 40-year pro-rated paint warranty), metal building insulation in roof, Kiln-dried lumber package, one entry door, two 6x10’6” split sliding doors on one gable end and 18” overhangs.

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36 x 40 x 16’6” With one shed 12x40x16’6”-13’6”
Garage/ Storage/ Shop Pole Building

This months’ special has a little bit of everything. It’s a garage, storage and a workshop!

The special includes engineered plans (at 25# snow, 96 wind and C exposure) all the poles, bolts, screws, trusses, nails and steel roofing and siding, Kiln-dried lumber package, one entry door,
one 10x12 and one 10x14 overhead doors, and two 4’x3’ window.

You can get it delivered as a kit, or even better, have our construction crews build it for you!

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